The traveling vineyard was started in 2001 as a tasting event for wine. It has a different concept where some selected wines are paraded before people in attendance at the wine tasting event. Some independent wine consultants who love and enjoy wine do the tasting.

Traveling Vineyard has had a continuous growth because of its unique nature and quality products. TTV has been licensed to hold its event. Wine guides meet with an interested host to arrange for an in-house wine tasting.

How the TTV business model work

After submitting your interests, you are given a leader in your area who will take you through the steps. The leaders stay with you throughout your growth. Later you are taken to the tasting room; which is an online training center. Here the learners can access other training modules.

Benefits of Traveling Vineyard

There is flexibility as the consultants set their work plan. They decided how many events they can handle and attend. Wine guides have an opportunity to make an extra coin. It allows you to meet up with new people and visit new places. People get to learn how to build teams and build their own business.

Reasons why one may benefit by participating in the TTV

Other than enjoying the wines they taste, making money from the wine guiding brings lots of benefits to the consultants. There is satisfaction in one doing what they love. To most people, it might be a hobby by they turn it into a career.

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