Stansberry Research continues to comment on the current situation within the United States, and one of the things they are concerned with would be the prospects for war. Consider the following situation:

You see, they realize that the United States is inching ever closer to a potential war…a global trade war that just might jack up the price of many important goods that we in America take for granted on a daily basis ( President Trump has pledged to place a tariff on many of our foreign imports because he believes that if things are American made it will help with our job situation. Of course, one problem with this is inherent in this question: what do we do if the other countries impose a tariff in retaliation? The threat is very possible. Of course, another possibility would be that President Trump is simply saying this simply as a future bargaining chip. Considering that he himself he hinted at that it might be entirely possible. Even if Trump’s plan is to bring back jobs within the steel industry, those jobs are likely not coming back. Even if they did because of the tariff, they would only help a select few individuals (just 300,000 Americans).

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