Perry Mandera began his extraordinary three-decade-plus career as a reservist, working for the U.S. Marines. At only 23 years of age, Mandera had begun his own transportation business and after five successful years, he sold it to work on starting up The Custom Companies, Inc., which was to become the first trucking company that would give to its customers “Full Service Transportation” services, built around the slogan that “One Call Does it All”. Over the last 25 years in operation, the company has gained a reputation as an industry leader, providing customer services in all modes of transportation (

What makes Perry Mandera’s approach and company so unique is the high standards he sets and his dedication to remaining grounded in the roots of his ideologies. He believes in giving his customers “World Class Customer Service”, with reliable services 24/7, progressive solutions, and competitive rates (Affiliatedork). Mandera remains dedicated to his customers but also to his staff, ensuring that they both receive the best experience at his company.

As his company grew, so did the types of services it offered; not just transportation, The Custom Companies, Inc. added warehousing and distribution, which is a division that has added services like labeling, segregating, routing, and sorting. Perry Mandera supervises more than 350 power units all around the nation and more than 5,000 truckload carriers and partners.

However, Mandera does not only focus his attention on raising the standards in his industry but in raising the standards in his community as well. Perry Mandera is an active member and volunteer in his community. He has supported and raised funds for many charities nationwide as well as in his local community, charities such as the Special Olympics and the AIDS research foundation. He has even taken up a role in the public sector, becoming the youngest elected official in Chicago working as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward.

Understand Perry Mandera’s history, it is no surprise that his incredible career has earned him a place on Illinois Transportation Association’s “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.”


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