Your skin doesn’t have to be dry and chap with the use of EOS lip balm products. Give your sensitive skin with an instant glow-up with a reasonably priced product under $5, buy here. The convenience of finding EOS lip balm on nearly every beauty aisle will instantly cause them to be your go-to lip balm in extreme weather conditions, arctic cold, and prolonged sun exposure. Why force traditional lip balm products on acne prone skin when they’re known to be chalky? You can hydrate your skin with the richness of jojoba and vitamins. The essential oils in the EOS brand instantly repair your skin when you need it.

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Canadian residents find it hard temp decide between the packaging or the cool design to determine their preference for EOS lip balm. The new Crystal brand has become very popular for having a buttery wax-free free clinically proven to last up to 8 hours, read more here on Enjoy fun scents with cute names like Mint Kisser to match. Their cool scent gives you the unique benefit of aromatherapy for your lips. Try their multi-pack lip balm for a spare anytime when you need it. You’re invited to join the exclusive EOS lip balm family and select brands like Evolution Of Smooth to give your skin organic scented therapy.

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