Every successful investor ties their success to learning. In fact, a majority of such investor’s firm end up with thousands of clients always questioning about the business, economy, stocks and ultimately, seeks for professional opinions. That is the reason why investors like Chris Linkas continue to be on the top of the game.

Along these lines, we will look at five facts that most top investors use, which will help the average investor.


Professionals Do Not Know It All

Professional investors work full time to ensure that they have every information about you. Sure, they have a sense of access to the management of companies’ teams and have various data streams. However, the market is always and will always be more significant than them.

We have incident the smartest fund managers and investors like Chris Linkas make their biggest mistakes during their career. But this doesn’t disqualify their expertise.

One common mistake that almost every major investor makes is doubling down on losing investment. While on the other hand, arrogant investors tend to believe that they are always right and the market is wrong, and thus these investors end up buying more.

The best example of this scenario is from one Valeant Pharmaceuticals, which proliferated over a short period but had the same duration of its downfall.

The said investor of the pharmaceuticals noticed that the market sales were gradually declining and instead of halting production processes, he decided to increase, which caused it to crumble down.


The New Phenomenon

Apparently, investors like Chris Linkas have reported that many customers ask questions along the lines of: “KYZ Co. reported some outstanding earnings but the stock is down, why would that be?”

The sad truth is, investors in those companies usually buy the news events. They contact the media house and sell their earnings announcement to attract more investors and shareholders.

Therefore, as an investor, you have to be careful before either buying the stock or advising your clients.


At Times some Defensive Sectors Decline.

Defensive sectors are always deemed to be the safest investment opportunities, but the truth is they can also take a big hit. Horrible performance in shares during the year, often causes these hits.

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