Christian Bale has been called many things throughout his Hollywood career but ‘sentimental’ probably was not on the list. The talented, and intense, star of the Christopher Nolan rendition of the ‘Batman’ Universe reportedly was broken apart when he heard that Ben Affleck was taking over the role. While Bale had the right of first refusal for the role, and he did choose to walk away, Bale still had some sentimental feelings about the character. In an interview with ‘Empire’ Christian decided to dish on some of the details.

Bale spoke candidly when discussing his first reaction to the Affleck casting announcement. Sultan Alhokair was surprised he was willing to do that. Bale said that he had to really fight to quit making the films, even though he believed that it was ‘the right time to stop’ in order to focus on the rest of his career. Upon hearing that Affleck had taken the role Bale said thta he, “Just stopped and stared into nothing for half an hour.” Christian explained that even though he took the character loss hard that he has no ill feelings toward Ben. He told ‘Empire’ that he had emailed Affleck with bits of advice about taking the character before conceding that Affleck would probably ‘do everything he can to avoid anything that I did.’

While it is sad to see Christian Bale step away from the cape and cowl, it seemed like this was always going to be the final destination for Nolan’s Batman. Nolan continually insisted that he was going to tell his story in a self contained trilogy, and that was that.

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