Christian Bale was recently interviewed by, as reported by Screenrant. In the interview, Christian Bale reveals that he was never even approached for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The fact that Bale wasn’t approached for the film seemed to upset him. The film’s starring role for Batman has been given to Ben Affleck. 

Christian Bale did state that he didn’t think his version of Batman wouldn’t have worked well in the new film. Bale also stated that his version of Bruce Wayne was over. He said the films went well, but now it’s over. As is life, Bale will be off to bigger and better things. 

Christian Bale played the role of Bruce Wayne to a tee. It’s going to be hard for Ben Affleck to match the level of intensity that Christian Bale brings. Bale’s version of Batman was perfect, he truly was the Dark Knight. Ben Affleck to me, doesn’t have that look or attitude for Batman. His role in Daredevil was mediocre at best. Ben Afflek does however write amazing films, and he has been in blockbusters as of late. So, I’ll give him one last chance at being a superhero. Though Brian Torchin will definitely be on speed dial should Affleck make career suicide with a terrible take on the Caped Crusader. Good luck Mr. Affleck, you’re going to need it.

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