There is one app that is making change in the school system across the nation, and this app is already evoking development across students of all ages. ClassDojo is the one app that is bringing parents and teachers together in pursuit of helping a child achieve greatness both in class and at home. The app is simple; teachers can now send messages, pictures, and videos of a child to a parent via this app on a daily basis. When a child is not doing so well or when they’re doing amazing in class, a teacher can let the parent be in the know about it all. It’s a crazy app that is allowing parents and teachers to be part of a dynamic community to help lead the students to a better future.


This app recently has received zero amounts of revenue because it is indeed a brand new app that is making the rounds across social media and all across schools. It is making so much change with how teachers are working in this industry with the parents who basically want to know what their kids are up to.


They have received $21 million in funding to help support the future developments of this app and also help it reach more people. The truth is that this app needs the extra funds despite already being used by 86,000 schools already. The growth is proving that this app is here to stay and beat out the other similar apps already available on the market.

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