Born in July 1963, Andrew Wirth currently serves as the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. His tireless efforts have made the ski area to be one of the leading tourist destinations all over the world. In 2010, Wirth oversaw a $70 million upgrade that saw the resort be at par with other competing skiing areas.

Wirth is also a renowned contributor to the environment and community service organizations around the Lake Tahoe area. His main focus is improving the area as well as the residents of all ages residing within it. He recently wrote an article on focusing on the need for clean energy. The article was published through Reno Gazette Journal.

Just recently, Reno City Council voted to support Clean Power Plan, which is aimed at moving our country away from the polluting coal power towards a clean and renewable energy. Through their vote, the city council become another important entity to pledge support for clean power plan. The council together with various other private sector companies have joined hands to press our utilities and eventually our society towards adoption of clean energy through clean power plan.

Times are not altering – they have already changed. An economy that is new, healthy, diverse, sustainable and growing is upon us and it is providing an opportunity for all residents within the region. We have already made great progress in building our economy on clean energy. We are very thankful to the companies that are pioneering the way in this change. Clean energy is truly needed at this moment – not in some distant future.

This is surely our moment. It is our chance for each one of us to ask for more from our leaders, to ask more than just compliance, but real leadership. It is possible to make this region the leading example on clean energy for this century and create an economy that is healthier and stronger along the way. Right now is the time we should inquire our elected leaders to adopt thinking that is long-term, rational and logical. The leaders should shun from giving in to the well-heeled special interests groups. We all know that an economy that is healthy and vibrant is actually made a possibility by policies like Clean Power Plan.

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