As reported here on PRNewswire just last month, North American Spine, a leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, will expand its services to Las Vegas. Expansion will include utilizing a group of board certified physicians and the use of a modern treatment center in Las Vegas. Currently, the group offers services in Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix.

Specializing in neck and back pain relief that was originally pioneered a their Dallas headquarters, North American Spine is the only group currently offering the AccuraScopeĀ® procedure, which has a very high success rate (82%) in treating chronic back pain and over 8,000 successful operations. The surgery is a single treatment option and North American Spine estimates that patients can save over $20,000 in medical costs over the course of five years as a result of the procedure. Additionally, patients can expect fewer post-operational trips and a huge savings in pain management medication. Other minimally invasive procedures, including CuraSpineā„¢and SecuraSpine, are offered by North American Spine at all of their locations. The group is committed to holistic care for patients that is individualized for what each patient needs and works to use the least invasive procedure for all patients, which is part of the reason they’ve gained such a large Facebook following among the health conscious.

Dr. Satish Sharma, the lead physician for the Las Vegas expansion, is partnering with the Red Rock Surgery Center to perform the procedure and will follow up with patients post-operationally plus see patients for pain management at the Advanced Pain Management Center. Dr. Sharma has received advanced training in both the United States and India, and completed his residency at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As stated for the PRNewswire release, Dr. Sharma is committed to working “with patients to help control pain and regain control of their life.” Dr. Sharma is a welcome addition to the Las Vegas area. He brings nearly a decade of experience with pain management and is a board certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Physician.

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