Florida attorney Dan Newlin is a well known face in the legal field of the Sunshine State and will soon hope to become just as popular in Chicago, where his team is opening a new office. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin provide a safe environment for those who have been affected by an injury or accident and are looking for a sense of justice, plus financial compensation to aid their suffering. In many cases, Newlin and his team are looking to bring justice to those who feel they have been left behind following an accident or injury, who feel they have nowhere else to turn for support and assistance than to a personal injury law specialist.

Perhaps the most famous case Dan Newlin has been involved in is that of Florida teen Danielle Sampson, who was left brain damaged after being shot by a stray bullet in 2012. Then aged 15, Danielle has been left in a coma since the incident, which left the bullet lodged in her brain after she was struck whilst sitting in the backseat of a minivan. Tyrone Mosby was convicted of the robbery the shot was fired during and for injuring Danielle, but her family were still left with the financial and emotional burden of her injuries and medical treatment.

The intervention of Dan Newlin led to a $100 million settlement being awarded by a Florida jury after a financial claim was brought by Newlin against Tyrone Mosby, the gang member who fired the fateful shot. The effect on the lives of the Sampson family have been huge and include the fact the family will have the medical bills of Danielle taken care of for the remainder of her life.

The commitment to service Dan Newlin showed the family of Danielle Sampson is something the attorney has felt throughout his life. Embarking on a career as a law enforcement officer and firefighter before completing law school, Dan Newlin has made it his life’s work to help others in their time of need. From his own Dan Newlin Miracle Foundation to his daily work as a personal injury attorney, Newlin spends his days attempting to fill each and every day with time spent serving others.

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