Jay-Z certainly knows who to call when the chips start to fall. There have been times where he saw album sales falling, and he reached out to producers that could help him regain his positioning. He has been able to reach out to Desiree Perez in the same manner when he saw things starting to crumble at Tidal. It was obvious that Desiree Perez had the skills to help him rebuild Tidal even in the midst of a number of executive positions within the company that went vacant as the CEO and others started to bail.

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Desiree Perez did not come into a CEO position at Tidal. She actually did not even become added to the payroll in that manner. What Jay-Z did was build a working relationship with Desiree Perez to help him define what Tidal would look like to consumers. She has been able to pull this company in to a place where it is becoming profitable. Before Desiree Perez showed up to revamp this company it appeared to be a major loss for Jay-Z in concerns to investing. There was so much talk about how this company would struggle to survive with so many other music streaming juggernauts in place already.  Read more on tumblr.com.


Desiree Perez is someone that has refused to listen to any of this. She did not put a lot of time into trying to analyze what naysayers were saying. Desiree Perez was already familiar with negotiating contracts so she had a desire to rise above what was being said by the media and simply do her job to revamp Tidal. Dez has the spirit of a hustler, and Jay-Z knew that it would take someone that really understood what Tidal was up against in the music streaming industry. Desiree Perez knew but refused to be intimidated.

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