The fact that music streaming services is a big business is not debatable as many participants usually reap millions of dollars in profits. Undeniably, Tidal is an underdog in this industry – something that executive Desiree Perez is desperately trying to change. Des Perez believes that through her efforts, and that of other members of the organization, Tidal is here to stay. In as much as the management of the firm has changed several times after the executives have stepped down, it is incredible that such otherwise discouraging moves have not deterred Jay-Z in any way. He has consistently shown the dedication to save his investment even after the number of memberships staggered.

Nowadays, Jay-Z is not only competing to survive. With the assistance of Desiree Perez, he is watching as Tidal blossoms with new memberships and the healthy curiosity observed from the music fans – and this is what Des Perez is looking for. While her biggest desire is to increase the client base, she knows that she must first and foremost make them develop interest, check for related article.. In the past, Jay-Z has done a lot of different things to rescue the almost sinking boat, but the best move was when he decided to hire Des to see the end of some multimillion-dollar contracts. Des Perez shines most in this area and has been more than ready to handle Roc Nation Contracts. The fact that she runs her own business and has the extensive know-how on finalizing deals that are known to be profitable for the artists explains why many people are signing up with Tidal.

About Desiree Perez

A producer, Des Perez is popularly known for On the Run Tour: Beyonce and Jay-Z that took place in 2014, as well as the 2013’s Change: The Life Particle Effect. She is a close associate to Jay-Z with their relationship spanning for almost 20 years. Des Perez enjoys several track records of successfully managing the SC Enterprises.  For an update of Dez recent timeline activities, hit on

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