There have been rumors spreading about how Apple wants to buy Tidal. It has also been reported that Sprint will be investing as much as 33 percent in Tidal. The Internet has been buzzing, and people have been talking about how Desiree Perez has been able to do such great things with this music streaming service that was once failing to meet customer expectations. People may be asking why Tidal has become such a big deal all of a sudden. It all comes down to the excellent skills in negotiations. She has been able to turn this company around and Jay-Z is able to see the benefits of working with Perez.   More reading on

The app has been available for Google Play and iTunes, and now it is available for Windows as well. High fidelity streaming is what people are looking for. So many people have Beats by Dre headphones. They want the best audio that they can get, and the lossless audio is complementary to these headphones. It is obvious that Tidal was doing something that was out of the ordinary with the lossless audio.   Check, for related article.People would appreciate this higher quality, and Desiree Perez knew that this would be valuable to the structure of Tidal. That is why she got Jay-Z to play this to his advantage.

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Desiree Perez has been analyzing the industry that Jay-Z has stepped into. She has an interesting view of the world of music streaming. She is not directly in a position at Tidal, but this works to her advantage. Perez has this ability to lead from a distance and help Jay-Z by influencing his decisions. She has done a lot with Tidal since former Tidal CEO Andy Chen retired from his position as the CEO. Perez has been cultivating a new culture of music streaming lovers.  For more of Dez, visit her page.

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