Desiree Perez, or as her close friends call her, Des Perez, is one of the top executive producers of Jay-Z’s multi-million dollar company, Roc Nation. Des Perez grew up in New York City, with her two parents by her side. Des Perez is by far one of the most important memebers of Roc Nation. Des Perez is more behind the scenes than her coworkers, but plays a crucial role in the succession of Roc Nation. Desiree Perez’s negotiation skills are out of this world. Desiree Perez was able to negotiate deals between Beyoncé and the Formation tour and Rihanna and Samsung. Without Desiree Perez, many important deals would of not been negotiated. Check for additional articles.

Roc Nation has given some of America’s favorite artist their start. Rihanna, Shakira, and Meek Mill are a few of the celebrities that got their start as a memeber of Roc Nation. Jay-Z’s record label is in headlines because the contract is coming to an end. Ten years ago, Jay-Z signed a ten million dollar deal with Live Nation and after many years of success, this contract is coming to an end. Live Nation has a big part on the succession of Roc Nation, so the fate of Jay-Z’s record label is in their hands.   Related articles on

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If Live Nation wants to, they can either buy the entire record label or, sell it to another company. Many people want parts to Roc Nation, even the CEO of Universial Music Group has raised speculations about his interest in Jay-Z’s record label. Although Roc Nation is a big part of Jay-Z, selling this record label could open many different doors for Jay-Z. If Jay-Z could sell his company, he would have more time to search for new artists and new music, competing with Apple Music and Spotify. With the help of Desiree, Jay-Z will be able to make a good decision about the future of Roc Nation.  For updates on Dez timeline activities, click on

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