After many delays, it appears the third G.I. Joe movie is finally getting underway. Paramount has landed on its director, which will be D.J. Caruso, best known for directing I Am Number Four. Other writers and directors had been attached to the project such as Jon M. Chu, but it appears Caruso has landed the gig.

We are also getting a peak as to which G.I. Joe characters may appear in the movie. According to Film Divider, the Cobra twins Tomax and Xamot may be the new villains in the film. Casting calls show that the production is casting for such parts. For those not familiar with the G.I. Joe mythology, Tomax and Xamot run Extensive Enterprises, which serves as Cobra’s corporate front. They also lead Cobra’s elite guard known as the Crimson Guard.

It is unclear how Paramount will cast the roles. infers they may go after actual identical twins to play the parts or hire actors that look similar to each other and use makeup and technology to create the twin effect. They may also hire one actor to play both parts, which is most likely thinks Sultan Alhokair.

Another interesting casting note revealed Matt Trakker from the 1980’s animated series M.A.S.K. may also appear in the movie. If this is true, Paramount may be looking to end the G.I. Joe series and spin off a M.A.S.K. series.

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