Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are co-founders and current co-CEOs of an e-commerce company known as TechStyle. The two have vast experience in online entrepreneurship and began their journey in business at a relatively early age. TechStyle is a group of online platforms that specifically offer membership-based clothing, accessories and a wide range of beauty products.


The most popular firm under Techstyle Group is JustFab that has more than 4 million subscribers. JustFab is an online platform offering a wide range of affordable handbags, shoes, and yoga pants. The company has always relied on venture funding as its main source of funding for its international expansion. JustFab previously received funding from venture capital firms like Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Rho Ventures.


Ressler and Goldenberg co-founded Techstyle in March 2010, and the company has subsidiaries that specialize in online business. Currently, the company has four major subsidiaries that include JustFab, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and FabKids. Techstyle’s mission is to offer a personalize fashion experience to its customers. As the company founders, Ressler and Goldenberg are largely involved in carrying out administrative functions at the company and management of daily operations. They are in charge of the company’s global expansion programs and play a major role in looking for investors to facilitate expansion.


Ressler and Goldenberg previous worked for Intermix Media before they formed Techstyle. Intermix Media had acquired two companies belonging to the two, and this made them join the company as employees. Ressler and Goldberg were forced to leave Intermix Media after it was sold to News Corp. Apart from Techstyle; the two are co-founders of an e-commerce conglomerate known as Intelligent Beauty.


The company has three major subsidiaries that include; a subscription fashion business, a smell and taste therapy business, and Sephora. Techstyle’s head offices are located a few miles from the beach in El Segundo, CA. Southern California is a perfect location for Techstyle’s headquarters because the employees, clients, and guest can easily use the geo-filter to access the clear-blue skies and the beautiful palm-trees.


JustFab is categorized as a “Unicorn” by the media because it has been able to achieve what was believed to be difficult, rare, or unstudied. Such companies record good performance in the stock market and are mostly funded by venture capitalists. TechStyle has always applied data-driven marketing in its marketing operations to grow its brand. Through data-driven marketing, Techstyle has been able to; optimize customer experience, improve product development, expedite results, and automate its marketing operations.

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