Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the creators of Techstyle Fashion Group that consists of several membership-based beauty, clothing, and accessory firms. These two top executive once had limited knowledge about fashion. However, they possessed a strong desire to succeed and commitment to understanding the needs of the consumers. Adam began his entrepreneurial journey when he was only a teenager. His first business, Gamers Alliance, served as an advertising platform that targeted gaming websites. In 1999, Intermix bought this advertising firm and employed Adam as the VP responsible for strategic planning. At only 20, he had ascended to the COO post at Intermix.


Don Ressler followed a similar path as Adam to become a senior employee of Intermix. In 2011, the company acquired his critically acclaimed website called Additionally, he had successfully raised money for a broad range of online firms. His success in the online business motivated him to venture into the fashion world. Working at Intermix created a favorable environment for Adam and Ressler to become friends. As their friendship experienced continuous growth, they decided to start a joint venture. In 2006, they unveiled an e-commerce firm known as Intelligent Beauty as well as other profitable ventures. While working on these many fashion businesses, the duo started brainstorming a unique way of transforming online shopping. They were aware that fashionable, comfortable outfits were highly demanded, and they understood that most clients did not have an ideal tactic for identifying personalized fashion.


Techstyle delivers stylish fashion with a customized touch


Techstyle’s first firm was called JustFab, a highly regarded membership-based clothing business that avails an opportunity for members to acquire personalized sports outfits and accessories on a monthly basis. The firm also illustrates ideal ways of mixing and matching fashion pieces, allowing members to make an informed decision when choosing the preferred styles.


The emergence of Techstyle


Most of JustFab’s funding originated from a top venture capitalist referred to as Matrix Partners. This capitalist also funded Intelligent Beauty. JustFab underwent a rebranding process in 2016, leading to the formation of Techstyle. Adam and Ressler coined the name Techstyle to refer to the way the firms combine technology and fashion. Given that both Adam and Ressler have in-depth knowledge and experience in digital commerce, they decided to give JustFab a tech-friendly name. Their main aim is to create and acquire more fashion brands that incorporate aspects of modern technology in the manufacturing and marketing of fashion products.

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