Entrepreneurs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s marketing approach works for Fabletics. Fabletics is just one of a group of companies founded by Ressler and Goldenberg, which includes various beauty and accessories companies, and a paid subscriber based clothing company. Not bad, considering these two guys knew next to nothing about the fashion industry when they started out. But fashion success isn’t based on know-how alone; what they’ve always had is an innate understanding of what consumers want, coupled with a strong desire to achieve.


And “achieve” they have, Goldenberg has been on a trek for entrepreneurial greatness since age 15. At that time he started his first business, Gamers Alliance, a network alliance for gaming advertising. The network grew into a larger company and in 1999, it was sold to Intermix Media. Goldenberg became Vice President of the newly sold company. When he took that role with Intermix he had already dabbled with successfully raising capital for other online businesses and it inspired him to get involved in the fashion industry.


Ressler was also on board at Intermix and the two became fast friends. Their friendship developed and led them to another joint eCommerce venture, Intelligent Beauty. This was in 2006, and Intelligent Beauty’s expansion allowed them to create other successful companies. Then the two men came up with an idea to change how women shopped online for trendy workout clothing. They knew there was a market for comfortable athletic wear. Out of brainstorming, JustFab was born.


The company’s membership format allowed members to select personalized choices monthly. This included both clothing and accessories, soon the membership base grew and in 2016 with additional funding from venture capitalists, Matrix Partners there came an expansion. A rebranding plan soon followed and the result was a new name, “Techstyle.” Techstyle also revamped its headquarters with a sleek, modern building in Silicon Valley. The new building has been dubbed “Fashion Avenue meets Silicon Valley.”


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg wanted to restructure how people purchased athletic clothing; feeling a certain sense of responsibility to their customers. They knew women who looked good while working out would want to do it more often. So, that working out could improve lives. Ressler and Goldenberg surmised that healthy people contributed more to society. But they also make a larger contribution to society, using their business they give back to the community. http://www.hudl.com/profile/4913266/adam-goldenberg

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