The online space is marked by companies that rank as average performers, and a few excellent ones that lead the pack. If you have heard about successful online entrepreneurs, Don Ressler is certainly one of the entrepreneurs who have had significant influence. Don Ressler CEO of Fabletics and JustFab Inc. is known for his brilliant capability to identify emerging trends, opportunities and how to transom them into top-rated brand names.

Don Ressler is a well-known entrepreneur who has set his hand on the helm of several successful ventures. He was the pioneering mind behind the inception of JustFab, a subsidiary of Intelligent Beauty. To operate the new venture, the firm got funding from numerous enthusiastic funders. Matrix Ventures pumped in over $33 million. The entry of Kimora Lee as the President and the Director of the firm drew in more clients. When the firm hit the six million member mark, Ressler and his associates managed to raise more funds with $76 million from Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, and Matrix Partners. In 2014, the CEO secured $85 million from Passport Special Opportunity Fund. Additional input from Shining Capital, Matrix Partners, and Technology Crossover Ventures capped JustFab’s total capital to $250 million.

Don Ressler has served as President and CEO of Fitness Heaven. He cofounded Intelligent Beauty, which led to the birth of Techstyle. Ressler has made great contributions that have seen the growth of Techstyle and its branches. The company secured $40 million, and the money was channeled into the expansion, market growth, and acquisition of potential outfits that would boost the brand presence. Ressler managed to get investors to pump an additional funding at This is one of the contributing factors that have seen the company’s profits soar to a tune of $500 million. Currently, Ressler handles creative functions including talent acquisition, vision management, and customer experience according to

When TechStyle began operations, Ressler wanted to run the firm and save operational costs. He settled for headquarters in El Segundo, California since the potential of virtual retail in the area was untapped. With his workforce drawn from some of the companies he was affiliated with in the past, it was easy to achieve the success of his entity.

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