Don Ressler is one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the American business world. Don Ressler is also the CEO and Founder of JustFab Company based in the United States. JustFab is one of the subsidiaries of Fabletics Company based in the United States. Don Ressler co-founded the JustFab Company with actress Kate Hudson. Don Ressler serves as the CEO of JustFab with Adam Goldenberg who is also the CEO of Fabletics Company. When Don Ressler introduced Fabletics Company with Adam Goldenberg in 2015, it was a company that only worked to satisfy the fashion needs of women across the United States. However, it expanded to incorporate men fashion design.


Don Ressler was launched as one of the subscription services for monthly fashion design updates in 2010. For all the male subscribers, they would receive a parcel packed up with a wide range of fashion clothing by a professional stylist at a $40 subscription fee. However, Fabletics is now not a subscription fee company that is also an online retailer working to satisfy the needs of both genders when it comes to fashion. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg now can fund the startup JustFab Company through their $33 million funding from Matrix Capital Company. When the company was running smoothly after the business boomed, they also received an additional $76 million in the business from Matrix Partners. The Funding enabled the company to have their branches expand to other countries like Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


JustFab Company, in August 2015, rebranded itself into the new TechStyle Fashion Group. Don Ressler explained the change in business as it emanated from the wide entities of business associations. Don Ressler also wanted to enable TechStyle Company work to infuse technology and fashion so that they would set themselves apart in the industry. When they changed their name to TechStyle Company, they made it live for everyone to see what they need. Because the company has a wide range of different arms, they have always sought a better business solution that develops working solutions for their clients when it comes to fashion design and technology.

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