When talking about women athletic attire, most ladies are stuck between the available two choices. One has to decide whether to check affordability or the available fashion trends. In fact, for quite some time, the ladies sportswear had a considerable gap between their functionality and fashion for quite some time. With the demand for these products increasing; Don Ressler together with his business partner Adam Goldenberg made the discovery and decided to venture into the field.


And upon realizing that the demand for these products was not going to reduce anytime soon, the two co-founded the famous Fabletics. The mission and goal of the company were quite simple. Create a good-looking sportswear that was functional, fashionable and very affordable.


By combining their effort, the two were able to create a revolutionary in the women activewear industry. Don Ressler and his partner resolved to make products that resonated with what their clients wanted. They chose to ignore the critical market trends and give a listening ear to their customers. Through various focus groups and consumer tests, they were able to understand what the needs and wants of their customer base were.


In their analysis, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg discovered that the sportswear in the market was less comfortable, garnish and often ill-fitting. It was quite challenging to get a product that would motivate the ladies to go for a workout. And to them, this was the perfect opportunity to develop a brand that would remedy these problems.


The efforts of Don Ressler and that of Kate Hudson worked to real-life change in how women valued their workout gear. One of their main advantages was that in the past, no company was able to target the women and market its products actively specifically. However, Kate the actress would prove to be a confident, and friendly brand ambassador. With her as the primary marketing agent, Kate was able to connect the Fabletics products to the consumers. To this very day, Kate Hudson takes her work seriously her efforts being to successfully the brand available on the online media and in person.


While Don Ressler has worked in a variety of firms, developing products that would improve the self-esteem various women around the world makes him happy. The economics that the company has adopted of affordable exercising gear coupled with a more significant efficiency has shown that women activewear can be functional, fun and affordable. Fabletics works to ensure that women who want to take care of their health status can do so while also enjoying how gorgeous their attire looks on them. http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/#.Wbw5M9FryM8

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