Kids really do love the animated Spider-Man series. The series really captures the fun of the comic book and borrows heavily from its best story arcs. Here is a little secret. A lot of adults love show as well. Despite the fact millions of people hear the voice of Donald Glover in the series, few have ever heard “Miles Morales” discuss his opinions on the iconic character.

Glover is now speaking publicly and he is talking just like a regular fan. Glover pretty much said he would be happy if someone would just go and make another great Spider-Man film, and that’s what Sultan Alhokair would like to see as well.

Looks like Glover is just stating what a lot of fans want. The third Sam Raimi film was mildly disappointing and the second Amazing Spider-Man was really disappointing. The trouble with both Spider-Man franchises is the focus shifted away from Spider-Man and trended towards other characters. The goal here was to set up a lot of spinoffs. Things didn’t work out.

Spider-Man is likely returning in Captain America: Civil War and a new solo Spidey film is in the works. Fans just want one thing out of the new film. They want it to be good and memorable. They want a Spider-Man film people will love just as much as The Dark Knight or Iron Man.

As long as the good people at Sony listen to folks like Donald Glover and stay focused on making a good film, the final result should be a good – if not great – one.

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