Doctor Jennifer Walden was born in a place called Austin located in Texas. She was brought up in a family that had a medical history meaning that this was one of the reasons she developed interests in medical science. Her father was a dentist, and her mother was a surgical nurse. She first went for an undergraduate degree in biology in the University of Texas, but her high passion for science created more urge to go for further education. As a result, Doctor Jennifer Walden went a step further and studied for her master’s degree in the University of Texas medical branch.

Doctor Jennifer’s expertise in the field of medicine has led to the discovery of various medical treatments and operations. For example, while in Texas, she obtained a fellowship in aesthetic surgery in one of the hospitals in Texas dealing with ear, eye and throat surgeries. During this time she participated in many clinical trials that led to the invention of silicon-based breast implants which are used by some women up to date.

Years later, Doctor Jennifer Walden launched a private plastic surgery hospital in Texas. In this hospital, she used a high level of technology to ensure that her clients receive best services without causing any harm or extreme side effects after the surgery. She used a 3-d machine that used to visualize the patient’s appearance and the structure of the organs before operating. This was mainly for safety purposes to ensure the surgeons perform their work correctly.

As a result, Doctor Jennifer Walden became one the best known plastic surgeons in America. This has made her an aesthetic surgery consultant for other cosmetic companies such as The Ideal Implant and many more. She is always ready and dedicated to sharing her knowledge and skills with other people with the same interest to improve the aesthetic surgery as a sector in the field of medicine.

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