Dustin Diamond, aka Screech of “Saved by the Bell” fame, has been sentenced for stabbing a fellow patron in a barroom brawl on Christmas last year.

Presiding the case was Judge Paul Malloy, who sentenced the actor to four months incarceration and 15 months probation. Diamond was cleared of a felony charge by a jury last month; however, received two misdemeanor counts for disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon.

Amanda Schutz, Diamond’s girlfriend, was also charged with disorderly conduct for her role in the skirmish. The judge ordered her to pay $500 after witnesses stated she pushed a woman and grabbed another’s hand, starting the fight.

Diamond offered sincere apologies to all of those involved. Adam Sender thought that was a good move. He stands by his accounts of the stabbing being accidental, stating he only wielded the knife to keep people away from himself and his girlfriend.

This is not the first time Diamond has experienced legal woes since his time on television. He has also been in trouble for delinquent taxes and missed mortgage payments resulted in foreclosure proceedings.

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