End Citizens United made an announcement about their endorsement of Doug Jones, a Democratic nominee, to run for the Senate. Doug Jones, previously a U.S. attorney is in the race for the U.S. Senate. Mr. Jones will compete with Roy Moore in the Alabama special election scheduled for December 12. ECU described Mr. Moore as an extremist with a bigoted agenda, racist and a person who will support the rigged and corrupt system currently in Washington that prioritizes special interests over those of Alabamians.

Tiffany Muller’s Take

Tiffany Muller, the president of ECU stated that the radical agenda favored by Mr. Moore had no place at the U.S. Senate. She added that this extreme ideology was contrary to the values of Alabama and those of America. Tiffany observed that choosing Moore will give added influence to Big Money politics and special interests than those of the people of Alabama. She added that Moore has continuously embarrassed the people of Alabama and went as far as getting paid over $1 million in a charity he controlled together with his wife. Tiffany argued that Doug Jones was a man of integrity and character who is not shy of doing what is right and is the best man to help in unrigging the system at the Senate to serve all Americans fairly.

Doug Jones Remarks

Doug Jones on his part stated that the families in Alabama were tired of being left behind by Washington. He expressed eagerness to work with ECU to bring about the reform that will clear the broken system that favors the interests of parties with deep pockets at the expense of ordinary Alabamians. ECU linked Moore with some mega-donors that form part of special interest groups like the Mecer Family and Steve Bannon.

Reasons Why ECU is Against Moore

Moore has already being backed by the Senate Leadership Fund, which is a Super PAC. ECU claims that Moore’s campaign is being supported by dark money organizations that are secretive like Public Advocate, which is a radical group that is against the LGBT community. ECU claims that Moore is part of the faction that is seeking to abolish the Johnson Amendment. According to the ECU, Moore was suspended and then removed from office as a judge due to putting personal views before the rule of law. He even pushed the theory that President Obama was not an American native. For more info about us: https://actionnetwork.org/groups/end-citizens-united click here.

About End Citizens United

ECU is a political action committee that gets funding from donors at the grassroots. Its mission is to end the era of big money in American politics and fix the broken system. The PAC has advocated and endorses the election of pro-reform candidates who will bring about the required reforms in politics. ECU supports the Democrats as they are leading in fighting the Citizens United.

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