Many of you may not have ever heard of Perry Mandera but thanks to him there has been an expanding number of new approaches in Transportation Services. Perry’s interest in helping both big and small customers led him and his team to develop an amazing organization known as the Custom Companies Incorporation, where he is both owner and president. He desired to create a cheap and effective way to reduce carbon emissions to help decrease the amount of chemicals impacting our environment. This inspired him to create a private program, within his company, known as the Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Program. Follow Perry Mandera on Twitter. By developing this program, Perry created a free way help different companies keep track of how much fuel they would normally use so that he could discover alternative ways to minimize high levels of pollution in the air. This unique program has helped its partners save approximately 200 million dollars and it has also decreased emissions by at least 90 million tons. Perry’s corporation is so aspirational because it’s also making a huge impact in many different charities and Community organizations. Follow Perry Mandera on One well-known organization that Perry supports thoroughly is known as the Jesse White Tumblers program for many youth escaping life in an unfortunate environment. This organization is so unique because it creates positive activities to help troubled children stay away from things like gang violence, drugs and alcohol. It also encourages children to maintain acceptional grades in school and it promotes them to stay on a positive path through different kinds of sport. Perry Mandera also supports an organization known as the Illinois State Crime Commission. Along with Roosevelt University and many of Chicago-area businesses, Perry’s Corporation helps to find work for US military veterans who have completed their Duties. This organization is especially important because many veterans who have returned home suffer from different traumatic experiences making it difficult for them to find work with lifelong injuries. Perry personally enjoyed supporting the Illinois State Crime Commission because he was formerly a member of the US Marine Corps Reserve and he understood the troubles of looking for work when returning home.



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