Being in a family business is one thing, but it is something else to be able to work alongside your father in a career field. However, that is something that Laura Elliott has just been able to do as she got an opportunity to fly across Europe as her father’s co-pilot.
Peter Elliott has been a pilot for over 30 years, and when his daughter Laura said she had an interest in flying too she became a pilot as well following in her father’s footsteps. Laura Elliott had an interest in getting into the same career since a young age, but never thought that she would have an opportunity to fly with her dad since they worked for different airlines. However, the two had a chance to do so as they took a large passenger plane from Birmingham to Tenerife.
According to an article found on Buzzfeed News, Peter Elliott waited until they were in the air to announce to his passenger crew that his co-pilot was his daughter and that they were flying together at work for the first time. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows that it isn’t too common to be able to do such a thing, so both pilots were ecstatic that this opportunity had risen. Laura had thought that her father would be retired by the time she would get to the level she is at, so this rare event has delighted both her and her entire family.

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