According to the news release, the government of Brazil can solve the basic sanitation issues through concessions, which also determine the partnership agreement with private firms. Through the partnership, basic sanitation services will experience improvements in various areas such as structural, management, and access to the resource. Also, ninety percent of the basic sanitation services are managed by the public power. Seventy percent of the users received the services from government organizations. Therefore, the presence of private support should not be one of the reasons for excluding public organizations. After all, private and public organizations can produce positive results if they agree to work in a complementary manner.

According to the president of Trata Brasil, government agencies have a good experience, and they can leverage on that while forming a partnership with private firms. Edson also explains that BNDES, which is a private organization will develop adapted action plans for the Brazilian states it serves. For that reason, it will be easy for the bank to adopt the project that meets the needs of every state. Water wastage is one of the factors that affect the financial flow of state-owned companies that participate in the water sector. Felipe Montoro Jens also emphasizes that it is not possible to receive quality services while the state is experiencing high water wastage. This problem can be solved by forming an ally with private organizations. They have good resources that will help with the mission of preventing water wastage.

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Felipe Montoro Jens possesses financial expertise when it comes to privatization, business partnership, and financial world in general. He has also written several articles and research about investment and consensus issues that can be solved through partnership.

As a financial expert, Felipe Jens worked for Energizer Captacao S.A, an organization that promoted him to the top management position. His position as the CEO took Energizer Captacao S.A to the next level of the corporate world. Felipe Montoro Jens also worked as one of the Executive Directors at Santo Antonio Energia.

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