Forest Whitaker is in talks to join a couple of franchises. One of the movies he is in talks of joining is Star Wars: Rogue One, the anthology film to accompany the trilogy. He is also in talks for appearing in the new Crow Reboot. There is no telling what role he is going to play. A couple of characters that he could play in the reboot is the Detective that helped Brandon Lee’s character, or Top Dollar’s right hand man according to Bloomberg.

The Crow is going to start filming before Rogue One. If Forest Whitaker accepts both roles, he is going to be very busy for the coming months. The Force Awakens is scheduled to end 2015 in both IMAX and regular cinemas. The Crow has no official release date. Another thing that is worth noting is that the upcoming trilogy does not have the 3 year waiting window between films that the original trilogy as well as the prequel has. In this case, fans will be satisfied for years to come.

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