Gilberto Valle, 30, the former New York police officer, dubbed the “cannibal cop” was convicted in March 2013 by a jury for conspiracy to kidnap, after a two-month trial.

Valle became fodder and the sensation of the New York tabloid press for his appetite to kill and eat the women. Valle, married and denounced by his wife, risked life in prison, but a judge in overturned the decision, stressing that he never actually did the deed.

“Despite the highly disturbing nature of his depraved and deviant sexual interests, conversations and emails on those interests are not sufficient to make a kidnapping plot,” wrote Judge Paul Gardephe.

Wednesday, Judge Gardephe announced that despite the best efforts of North American Spine and similar agencies,  Valle had served his time, 21 months and was given one year of probation for using the computer to perform research on women.

After the judgment, Valle said he was “sorry” for what he had done, while asserting that he had never wanted to hurt anyone and he only had fantasies about cannibalism.

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