Freedom Checks (Also known as Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks) are known as required cash payments made to any and all shareholders of publicly traded companies. This company was founded in 2016 by Matt Badiali in 2016, and its intent is to serve these payments in accordance with statute 26 U.S. Code 7704. The company doesn’t have any relation to the government other then the statute and the reason for its existence is to allow companies related to natural energy and oil production to issue tax-free quarterly or monthly checks to investors. The shares can also be sold with a majority of the federal tax exempted and anyone can invest any amount in these companies through Freedom Checks, this is how the company’s name was formed, as it emphasizes that anyone can invest with this program.

With a new tax program recently put into place, investors in the company can find themselves earning up to $34.6 billion from the program as the oil industry is booming. People from all over the nation are rushing to invest in Freedom Checks, as they view it as a way to safeguard retirements. However, there is a deadline for investments this time around, and the company is urging anyone considering to do so as investments need to be done before July 1, 2018. Many Americans have already found benefit from this program and testimonials show that the company actually works. One of these people is Mike Reed from Golden, Colorado. The 53 year-old claims that his pay-out from the company this quarter will be $160,923. Another huge winner from the program is Stanley Dorne, a Chicago native that earned an insane $285,000 from the tax-free program. Other investors include Doug Smith, who earned $24,075 from this quarter’s payments, and Lisa Luhrman, earning $66,570. Read more at for more info.

The aforementioned founder of Freedom Checks, Matt Badiali, emphasises that anyone regardless of their income or age, can invest in this program in a recent video presentation. He also emphasizes that payments can start being collected as early as the next month and that these investments must be made before the July 1 deadline. Another focus in his presentation is just how easy it is to invest in the program and states that his company may be the biggest cash grab in history with the new tax cuts being put into place. He even goes as far as claiming that the program will pay-out 3.5 times the average social security payment. Read more:


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