I got into an argument the other day with my service provider, and I really couldn’t believe how the entire situation took place. I called to complain about the price hike in my bill, and the lady decided to give me a lot of attitude and very little answers. Even when I asked to talk to the manager, the manager didn’t help at all, and he had the nerve to tell me that I needed to pay my bill in full, or my account will be closed. I told them to close my account, and I went ahead and paid on the bill anyways. I knew that my services would be discontinued within a week, so I had that much time to find a new service provider for my Internet.

I was so angry that I was treated this way, especially since I’ve been a customer with the same company for two years. I knew there had to be a better way to get Internet for a low cost, and not to get an unexpected price hike each month. I started using the Internet to search for a different Internet service provider. I eventually came across FreedomPop. I had never heard of the company before, but I was definitely interested in what they had to offer. The information I read about is amazing, and I knew it was something I wanted to try for myself.

I decided to sign up for FreedomPop services. I wanted to test out FreedomPop services before I decided to completely switch over to them. I had 4 days left of my paid services when I finally signed up for FreedomPop. I didn’t see any difference in my ability to surf the Internet, and I decided that I wanted to keep the FreedomPop services for good. Once my paid Internet service expired, I began using FreedomPop regularly, and I was more than happy that I made the switch.

No more high monthly bills, no more wondering what my bill will be each month, and I still have great Internet service. I even have wifi in my home, and that’s something I wasn’t getting from the previous provider. The best thing about having FreedomPop is that it’s actually free of charge. When I need additional data for the month, then I can pay a few extra dollars, and I’ll get more data. I’m surprised that I didn’t find this company before, but I did find it just in time.

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