This article which was released on Digital Trends talks about FreedomPop expansion to the UK. FreedomPop has already made a huge dent in the mobile data market with its freemium service. It has proven to be a hit in the United States. Now, they are going global after partnering with KPN. They are going to be servicing Germany, UK, Spain, France and other countries. FreedomPop has recently opened its alpha test. FreedomPop’s subscriber plans includes a free plan which offers 200 minutes, 200 SMS and free data worth 200MB. This is a good start for people who want to have a phone plan on a budget.

There are other plans that offer more for the user at a price. There is a Premium 1GB plan that cost $13 USD per month. At the same time, people could sign up for a trial with the same amount of data if they are alpha testers. They could also get 1000 messages along with SMS. They also get free voicemail. The one thing that is not clear is whether or not the data speed is 4G LTE. When a user exceeds the allowance, FreedomPop charges the user 1p for every extra MB he uses.

Those who sign up for the alpha test will have to pay $3 USD for shipping. There is also an extra charge for the feature which is known as Premium Voice. Alpha Testers from have the choice of their own phone numbers. In other words they will not have the phone number automatically issued when they signed up.

The CEO has stated that there are going to be more international markets added to the services of FreedomPop. As of right now, the company is working out all of the kinks and the bugs so that it can bring the service to the other countries in the world. The current plan is to add 8 new markets to the plan of FreedomPop.

For the average user of mobile phone, the plans that FreedomPop offer may not be enough. Even some of the plans that other networks offer at a higher price do not offer a lot for the user. For moderate users of mobile data services, FreedomPop offers a lot of advantages that they will appreciate. They get a satisfactory amount of coverage at a very low price that they can afford on a monthly basis.

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