While he started out as a high school lacrosse star-turned-Villanova Wildcat, Jon Urbana’s charity work defines his character and his motivation to use his Twitter account to change the world. As an entrepreneur behind Ellipse, author of a fast-growing blog, and former professional lacrosse athlete, he has applied his skills to being a camp owner to become an activist as well as mentor kids in all aspects of life. His motivation to participate in non-profit organizations as well as begin a campaign for Earth Force defines his inspiring and humble character.

Most know him as a lacrosse player, but Urbana is an incredibly gifted pilot who garnered recognition from the Federal Aviation Administration. Beginning in high school, Urbana would capture many awards, from being the top rookie in 2002 to receiving All-American honors in 2004. Jon’s professional experience as a lacrosse player to his motivation to become an entrepreneur by starting a lacrosse camp for kids only demonstrates his humbleness to want to help kids also play a sport that they love. By majoring in economics and setting up this snazzy About.me page, he has shown that he is more than a lacrosse player. Call him what you will, but Jon is also an Instagramming machine, an accomplished video maker, and has a singer/songwriter page on Soundcloud He is an example of someone gifted in academics and athletics, which has helped him begin a lacrosse camp for youth as well as begin a campaign for Earth Force Inc.

Urbana’s charitable work in opening up a lacrosse camp shows what he’s trying to accomplish in certain communities, where children cannot afford the opportunity to play lacrosse. Furthermore, beyond his Lacrosse camp, he has also supported the Earth Force Inc, a non-profit youth organization, which helps youth become activists in improving their local environment. Urbana has also participated in helping local charities on Crowdrise in addition with his campaign of Earth Force Inc. Through Crowdrise and Earth Force Inc, Urbana is helping gather donations to helpless animals as well as inspire youth to participate in supporting the environment. He inspires others to give in these donations to help animals.

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Urbana playing lacrosse

Urbana’s work as an entrepreneur addresses his philanthropic work and his humbleness in helping different aspects of the community. His work with youth and helpless animals through Earth Force Inc and other non-profit organizations, helping with their presentations on Slideshare, defines Urbana as an inspiring individual.

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