Ciara and Future have been together for years, and they recently had their first child together. Before the couple could even move on to get married, Ciara found out that Future had been cheating on her, from several reliable sources.Future’s Song. After finding out the devastating news about her future husband, she decided to break things off, and go her separate way. The breakup has broken the heart of Ciara, but she’s no stranger to heartbreaks either. Ciara used to date Lil’ Bow Wow in the past, and their relationship ended over infidelity as well.

According to his Facebook page, it seems to fan Sultan Alhokair as if Ciara cannot get a break, so she took time to put out a song that was related to her recent breakup. In the song, she states that she upgraded by leaving her man, and she feels he’ll want her back when she finds someone else. Future decided not to take the song sitting down, and he created his own song entitled “Just Like Bruddas.” The song goes on to talk about how people are saying he cheated on his baby mama, as well as other public information about their relationship.

Although the song does not diss Ciara, there will be no sympathy for a man who was cheating on a pregnant woman, causing a breakup, right after she gave birth. Here’s hoping that 2015 will be a much better year for both artists, especially for Ciara.

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