Necessity is the mother of invention, so they say. Inventions have always been made based on need. Necessity has always inspired famous individuals like Alexander Fleming, Isaac Newton, and even Michael Faraday to create new things to make human life easier. Just like Alexander Fleming, George Soros has found it meaningful to create a system that helps advocate for civil and human rights, particularly for communities across the globe. George Soros’ inspiration comes from atrocities witnessed while he was growing up. Since George was born in Budapest, he got exposed to rather unpleasant circumstances, seeing fellow Jews suffering in the hands of the Nazis.

George later moved to London in search of greener pastures. While in London, Soros was fortunate enough to save some money for college, enrolling at the London School of Economics. At the age of 86, George Soros has had a productive life, though most of the time it has been full of drama. Today, Soros ranks among the top thirty wealthiest people in the world. George’s success as an entrepreneur has mainly come from his unique trading skills and techniques. Soros’ wealth and influence have propelled his career to a level where he can dine with great leaders across the globe. George has firmly held an individual like Hillary Clinton under his wing for as long as two decades, offering her financial support through her political career. Apart from that, George Soros has been using his Open Society Foundations to assist civil and human right groups globally to meet their agenda with regards to policy and reforms. Thanks to George’s Open Society Foundations, he has given people from disease stricken and insecurity ridden countries with a renewed sense of hope. Follow George Soros on

Soros was away from the American political limelight since 2004 but made a major comeback in 2016. George’s main point of concern was to see to it that Hillary Clinton gets to White House as the 45th President of the United States of America. Committing more than $25 million to Hillary’s campaign, George proved to be not only a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party presidential candidate but also a close friend. During the campaign season, Mr. Soros was able to convince other longtime friends like Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban, and Fred Eychaner to rally behind Hillary Clinton.

Through time, George Soros has been able to bring down regimes using his greatest invention, The Open Society Foundations. When modern day Nazis and Communists hear the name Soros, ‘that is if any exist,’ they shudder in fear for George Soros has no one to spare when it comes to safeguarding the interests of minority groups. With George’s unrivaled streak in matters politics and reforms, he has become a darling to many. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

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