The Hungarian multi billionare and political philosopher, George Soros has recently been in the spot light across the globe for a series of grim predictions relating to the decline of financial stability due to the Chinese Market crisis. However, he recently gained a great deal of American attention for a completely different reason – financial campaign donations.

During the fiscal year of 2015 George Soros donated a total of $ 8 million U.S. dollars to various super PACs backing former secretary of state and current presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton. The first donations were made to a super PAC named American Bridge 21st Century and Priorities USA; a million dollars was given to each super PAC respectively. Later, Soros donated again to the Priorities USA super PAC, this time with whopping six million contribution.

However, this is far from the first time Soros has dabbled in politics, nor donated to a political campaign. Indeed, Soros has long been a firm friend of the Democratic party for his past actions such as, in 2004, when he combined forces and money, 20 million to be specific, with other political activist groups attempting to get the then President George W. Bush from the White House. Though that particular political agenda failed for Soros he refused to succumb to defeatism and returned to the political scene in 2012 to back the re-election of President Barack H. Obama and donated a crisp million dollars to the then Obama backing super PAC Priorities USA (now backing Clinton).

However, Soros expressed to Hillary Clinton that he deeply regretted choosing Obama over her back in the 2008 presidential election and so sought to rectify what he perceived as a mistake, a decision which lead to his current political financing of the Clinton campaign. And together with other prominent donors, such as Haim and Cheryl Saban, Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler, the Soros, Clinton combo brought the campaigns financial contributions to a staggering 41 million, with over 36 million in reserve for the current year of 2016.

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