My good friend, Tom Rothman, is excited for the new year because 2015 is going to be an absolutely huge year for blockbuster movie releases. While a new “Star Wars” movie at the end of the year and the upcoming “Jurassic World” have many movie fans excited, what devotees of the Marvel Cinematic Universe really can’t wait for is the sequel to 2012’s mega hit “Marvel’s The Avengers”. “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” won’t hit U.S. movie theaters until May 1st of this year, but the internet has already been whipped into a frenzy since the first full length trailer for the film was released back in October of 2014.

Well now the second full length trailer is set to hit T.V. and computer screens on January 12th. Marvel studios has announced that the trailer will first air during the College Football National Championship Game on ESPN, however there remains a pretty good chance that it could find its way to the internet well before then. In the case of the first Avengers 2 trailer, it was leaked in the days before its originally announced date. In a show of good humor the official Marvel Studios Twitter account blamed the leak on the fictional villain group Hydra. No matter when the preview actually drops it’s a sure bet that the trailer will be vigorously dissected frame by frame by movie fans all over the internet.

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