Dedicated, successful business persons drive economic growth, offer quality mentorship, and distribute their wealth of knowledge in surplus. Glen Wakeman, a globally successful financer and mentor/advisor through specific methods helps others run their own businesses efficiently. As an innovative business executive, his talents are assets he incorporates in every aspect of his life. Success in business is difficult to attain but Mr. Wakeman seems to have discovered the secret to prosperity.


Disclosing Diversity

Across the globe, the increasingly complicated world of business has been plaguing entrepreneurs for centuries. Glen Wakeman crosses borders and achieves often difficult success on foreign soil. Having lived in numerous countries and led operations in over thirty countries, this business owner demonstrates his appreciation of diversity and dynamic mastery of whatever projects are brought to him. His adaptability has done him a service globally. And he uses that experience and skillsets to help others bridge the gap to internationally accepted industry aptitude.


Acknowledging Others

Giving other business minded individuals advice that benefits their goals and the people shows an altruistic ethical mindset. He maintains the need to be involved in every facet of a business to ensure its success. Giving personal handwritten notes to show appreciation, going beyond your desk to interact with others who may hold a different position and have a unique perspective on the business, are all important tasks that he encourages. He puts inclusivity and thoughtfulness at the forefront in any business plan. Glen Wakeman sees the importance of speaking ideas out loud to others to self-reflect and model transparency. And as a Small business owner and experienced CEO, he makes it clear to those he mentors the importance of giving as good as they get.


Asking No Less

A businessman who leads by example is a rare find. Throughout his plus 20 years as a leader in various finance roles, Mr. Wakeman has gained accolades and recognition internationally and locally for his mentorship qualities, and his championing of maintaining corporate societal responsibility. He embodies what the great business leaders of the world cherish, determination and utter commitment to their goals.


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