GoBuyside is a research company that has specialized in working with private equity organizations, hedge funds, advisory platforms, investment managers and Fortune 500 firms through a wide array of locations and obligations. GoBuyside has been able to leverage proprietary technology and has a specific approach; the team has an uncompetitive advantage over other companies in both sourcing and screening top candidates.

GoBuyside has a dedicated team experienced and have adequate education in the execution and establishing a deeper relationship with the market that they serve. Many people have come to trust GoBuyside with human capital needs having a broad talent network running globally to over 10,000 firms through 400 cities. Visit Indeed to know more about GoBuyside.

The organization carried out a compensation study that will enable members to have private equity compensation structure. The different structures such as management fees and size of the team allow the candidate to have annual capital compensation mainly to fund sizes. The members of the community can have access to thousands of compensation reviews that are available to the GoBuyside platform.

Inorder of one to get accurate, detailed information about a specific private equity company would be contacting to a member of GoBuyside. The company gets typically in contact with more than a thousand professionals every year providing an accurate review of the compensation of funds and providing investment strategy to the clients. GoBuyside conducted the company’s compensation survey performed of over 900 private equity foundations.


Annually a new set of investment banking contenders are recruited before their employment matriculation reads to the GoBuyside role. Over 300 applicants are ranked based on the importance of various principles during the process of finding them.

The founder of GoBuyside is Arjun Kapur who has an immense talent for having been able to successfully execute hundreds of complex engagements through over 40 cities of the United States and more than ten cities abroad. Arjun is a graduate of the University of John Hopkins with a major in Economics. Arjun later did his Master’s in Business Administration at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Arjun first noticed increased competition for significant talents and shorter hiring cycles in the industry during his time working in finance. The competition led to establishing a technology-enabled platform to disrupt the conventional hiring model in the industry. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

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