In the days of Hollywood blockbusters, it is all about how a film opens. Massive film openings over the one-hundred million dollar level are expected for movies, and with many budgets approaching twice that range, movies need a strong showing out of the gate to break even. With the holiday weekend in the books, the results for “Tomorrowland” were a mixture of good news and bad news for Disney.

According to Screen Rant, the George Clooney film won the long weekend box office race by pulling in an estimated $41.7 million. Alexei Beltyukov says the bad news is that the picture did not even approach the level of revenue that analysts expected. With a nearly $200 million budget, the massively promoted movie will need to hang on for a month or so just reach the black. In short, the future does not look great for “Tomorrowland.”

While it is too early to call the film a bust, steep drops in grosses the order of the day for movies after opening weekend do not exactly inspire confidence. The real problem is that summer releases start to hit theaters quickly, and movie theaters are less likely to hold onto a film that nobody is buying tickets to see. Therefore, unless the commercial success of the movie picks up a considerable amount of steam this week, any plans of a new franchise being a major player for Disney are pretty much out the window.

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