A great actor, who starred in many masterpieces throughout his life, has passed away this week. Christopher Lee left this world on June 7, 2015 while hospitalized in London. The Dracula and Lord of the Rings Trilogy star was 93 years old. His acting career started 60 years ago during the 12940’s and he stayed in the industry for his whole life.
So many fans of these two films will be very sad to see him go. According to Brian Torchin, Sir Christopher Lee was also a star of Star Wars, which has millions of die hard fans worldwide. His ability to delve deep into fantasy and science fiction roles made him a rare commodity in the film industry. Many of his accomplishments are highlighted in a recent article from The Guardian.
Each person has his or her time when they move on to the other side. Unfortunately, this actor’s time has come, but he will live on forever in his movies, television roles, and in our hearts.

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