Right from the middle of his living room, Greg Secker set out to change the world through foreign exchange education. In a recent interview, Greg gave his followers tips on how to be relevant in the present times. With an ‘I am not a why guy’ Philosophy, Greg Secker has always advocated for saying yes to challenges and tasks presented to you then moving to inspect and execute along the way.

To date, Greg Secker has been able to share his knowledge and passion in forex trading over 6000 times in local and international stages. This passion bore fruit to the Greg Secker Foundation which was initially established to for the purpose of youth empowerment. Greg believes in providing youth with the necessary information and knowledge that will enable them to carve the path for their future while they are still young.

Presently, the foundation is concentrating on assisting the victims of the Philippines ‘Typhoon Haiyan’ to rebuild their homes and start afresh. Through this venture, the Greg Secker Foundation seeks to educate, empower and give these people new skills that will help them sustain themselves in the time to come. Greg anticipates that this new project will lay the foundation for a viable model that will go through myriads of generations.

Greg Secker is also determined to advocate for the integration of philanthropy to thriving businesses and entrepreneurs day to day operations. As a recently named participant of the Board of Ambassadors, he has gained leverage to keep the city in light of upcoming causes that need attention.

A Glance at Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a prolific philanthropist, speaker and astute entrepreneur who is based in the UK. Through the years, Greg has been able to garner recognition owing to his successful practices particularly in his philanthropic and entrepreneurial ventures. He is a globally acclaimed foreign exchange expert who has been able to go above the fray by executing trading strategies that actually work. Greg Secker is the incumbent owner of Learn to trade, Smart Charts Software, and Capital Index.

He set off his career once he graduated from the University of Nottingham where he was pursuing a degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences. Greg is also an ardent and highly revered writer with publications like Trading Your Way To Success and Financial Freedom Through Forex under his name.

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