Greg Secker is a master trader, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a sought-after international speaker. His articles and speeches display excellence and his vast experience in the business world. Greg is an adept trader who uses his knowledge and expertise to help people succeed in foreign exchange. His campaigns and talks are geared towards the deletion of the belief that Forex trading is intricate and only preserved for the erudite.


Who is Greg Secker? Greg is the owner of a top trader coaching company that has helped many attain financial freedom through Forex trading. Born on 18 February 1975, Greg started his career journey in Thomas Cook Financial Services. He later moved to run Virtual Trading Desk in 1998. VTD was an ingenious online platform that allowed clients to receive real-time quotes in huge foreign exchange transactions. He advanced further and became the vice-president of Mellon Financial Corporation where he acquired relevant experience to start his company, Learn to Trade. Greg later founded other companies like FX Capital and Smart Charts, which became a major success in the world of foreign trading.


Greg’s massive successes are attributable to his belief that anyone can be what they want to be. The English businessman has written several books that contain enlightening information on how to succeed in foreign exchange. In all his books and talks, Secker insists that it takes more than a rudimentary understanding to succeed in Forex trading. The brilliant trader accentuates the need for self-control, flexibility, grit and attentiveness when one wants to venture in foreign exchange. His advice and his cerebral strategies have helped his clients acquire instant success in a world where many nose dive.


Besides trading, Greg is a renowned philanthropist. Through the Greg Secker Foundation, the serial entrepreneur continues to give back to the society and help make the world a better place.


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