Hasbro, a large toy and entertainment company that is known for products such as Transformers and G.I. Joe, is in negotiation to buy Dreamworks Animation. The news has caused the DWA stock to rise almost 20%. Currently, there is discussion with Dreamworks and Hasbro in order to form a family company called Dreamworks-Hasbro, with Jeffrey Katzenburg being the chairman.

There are responses that are rather uncertain. The spokespeople for both companies have both stated that they will not respond to any speculation. There is even further doubt that any deal with materialize due to the relationship Dreamworks animation has with Disney. If any deal is to happen, the Disney company would also have to have a say in the matter. As Rohrich knows, that is how deals get done.

Hasbro has had a history with Dreamworks studios on projects such as Transformers, released in 2007. Dreamworks Animation is most famous for its successful Shrek and Madagascar series. As of right now, no price has been set for the sale of Dreamworks Animation to Hasbro.

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