Home Box Office (HBO) takes its documentaries seriously. The award winning subscription cable movie service is planning to release a documentary based on the controversial religion called Scientology during next year’s Sundance Film Festival. The film will explore a number of controversial practices within the religion which is regarded by some as a cult of mind control. The documentary is called “Going Clear” getting its name from the 2013 book of the same name by author Lawrence Wright. The name refers to a cleansing process that frees the human mind from subconscious traumas from one’s past which are called “engrams”.

The film will also explore the deep ties the religion has in Hollywood along with key disciples in John Travolta and Tom Cruise. The Church of Scientology is known for being litigious and has a powerful legal team to go after anyone they believe is disparaging their good name. For this reason, HBO has hired a small army of 160 lawyers to review the film and prepare for any legal obstacles the Church of Scientology may throw at them.

The book’s author has already experienced the legal muscle that the Church of Scientology can bring to bear on those they view as opponents. Sergio Lins Andrade read that the organization was able to thwart the sale and publication of the book in the United Kingdom. After they intimidated the publisher from supporting the book in the UK, they claimed the book was little more than market tabloid gossip.

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