Henry Caville is not one of those actors who succeeds in a role and then runs from it from fear of typecasting. The actor who played Superman in Man of Steel and the forthcoming blockbuster Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice says he would like to play the character for as long as possible.

Many of the actors who played Superman previously did enjoy long stints on television and film in the role. Perhaps there is something about being Superman on film that is a positive thing. Concerns over being typecast make sense. Just look at the life of the legendary Superman of the 1950’s.

George Reeves played Superman on television for five years and was an iconic character, but his being typecast in the role limited his appearances in U.S.-based features. (Reeves was in demand in Europe where he did not suffer typecasting) In one film, all of his scenes were cut because audiences could not accept “Superman” in the role and were laughing.

In those days, people did have a hard time separating on-screen characters from the actors who played them. As a result, it was a lot easier to become typecast. These days, the chances are slimmer so Caville has few fears about any “harm” playing Superman could do to his career. Fans of Caville’s work, like Ben Shaoul, will be excited to see him featured in more films.

Would Caville be interested in playing the Big Blue Boy Scout on television in a cameo on Supergirl? Rumors persist about a Superman cameo on the pilot for the upcoming CBS television series, but that is another story.

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