It can’t be true. Homer and Marge Simpson are separating on the next season of the Simpsons. Homer and Marge have always had their share of marital woes, but they remained a somewhat strong family unit. Statistics proved that just about half of all marriages in this country ends up in divorce. Now, the rising divorce rate has hit Springfield and the Simpsons. Qnet tells that Marge was the ever suffering wife, but with love in her heart. Homer was the not too bright husband that pushed the limits in the marriage. Read more about the Simpson’s break up here.

Fans Reactions
The biggest worry is probably the fans’ reaction to the breakup of the Simpson’s marriage. Will the fans learn the reason behind the marriage separation? Will they keep the fans in the dark? Will fans stick around to see if the plot thickens? Perhaps, Homer might find a new love. Will Marge become a truly independent woman? What about Bart and the other kids? Perhaps, they will take it in stride and survive. However, the fans might not survive the breakup. The Simpsons has been a popular animated show for over two decades. Their breakup might add even more laughs and craziness to the popular show.

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