Hotel Transylvania 2 is moving towards completion and fans, young and old, of the first film are sure to have the same fun experience a second time around.

The success of the first film really caught everyone by surprise.

Animated features are not always a hit. The original concept for Hotel Transylvania did not have a lot going for it. Dracula runs a hotel. Ho hum. In truth, the project was a dull one throughout its development process and most were beginning to think it would be a “one and done” kids film that opened strong and then faded away.

Then, along came Gendy Tartakovsky. The skilled director was able to save the floundering project and turned the feature into an endearing hit. Hotel Transylvania 2 looks like a really well thought out follow-up.

The new film will feature the debut of Vlad, Dracula’s father. The humor and plot of the film will focus on the generational gap, a common theme of comedies that can frequently be very poignant.

There is quite a bit of inspired casting to be found in this film if you are a fan like Brian Torchin. Adam Sandler returns as the voice of Dracula and, Mel Gibson, at the age of 88, will provide the voice for Vlad.

The first film was a little disjointed but, since this project will be 100% the vision of Tartakovsky, the sequel has the potential to be a lot better.

Maybe it will be as good as the 1960’s classic Mad Monster Party.

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